Because we love movies, too.
We love a good movie. Long ones, short ones, tall ones. Action. Drama. Comedy. You name it, we love it...assuming of course it’s well-written, the acting is great, it looks and sounds amazing and the popcorn has butter. That’s not asking too much, is it? 

We don’t think so, either. 

Paddy Wagon Films is a moving picture production company behind the creative talents of writer/director Patrick Sheridan and his co-producer Diana Roland. At Paddy Wagon Films, the story always comes first.  This site highlights some of our completed short movies and a few feature-length projects we’re working on, including the soon-to-be released “Jimmy Said.” 

Our goal is simple: Make fantastic movies that are well-written, feature great acting and look and sound great.  Because it really isn’t too much to ask for. 

We’ll leave the popcorn thing up to you.
Your people can contact our people. Phone: 720-276-9922. E-Mail:
Jimmy Said (trailer) Click here for demo reel